dental-implant-modelDental implants are a large portion of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Dental implants replace missing teeth. Some types of dental implants require maxillofacial surgery. However, most dental implants are a relatively simple procedure that covers the existing tooth and is a completely cosmetic procedure. Gum disease, missing teeth, or poor oral health can be elements that affect the need for dental implants. It can be difficult to know if you are a candidate for dental implants, but it can be easily cleared up by a cosmetic dentist.

A person missing teeth is the ideal candidate for dental implants. The important thing to remember is that you need good oral health, as dental implants can involve bone grafting. Implant dentistry requires a strong jaw for the tooth implants. For maxillofacial surgery, you need good health and a knowledge of dental implants. Single tooth implants are a relatively simple procedure, but they are still dental implant surgery. Dental implants imitate natural teeth closely, but they replace missing teeth. Teeth whitening can also be performed by a cosmetic dentist along with the dental implants. Dental implants cost a good amount of money, but they can be seen as an investment in good oral health.

Dental implants do take several weeks or months to complete the treatment. The dental implant is put in the jaw; then bone grafting must occur to secure the dental implants. The gums must close over the implants, which can be difficult if you have gum disease. A single dental implant can contain two teeth. The maxillofacial surgeon will determine the type and number of dental implants required to get your teeth looking good.


A patient getting dental implants needs to plan adequate time for recovery after each surgery. The dental implant treatment can require multiple procedures by the dentist in Anchorage for the implants to replace missing teeth. Dental implants can cause swelling and other oral health concerns. Some habits can be an extreme risk for patients getting dental implants. Smoking can create a risk during the dental implant surgery. Certain medications can slow the bone grafting and dental implant recovery. Your cosmetic dentistry can consult with you on potential dental implants risks.

Dental implant placement and consultation with a cosmetic dentistry will determine the types of dental implants to be used for your procedure. Some dental implants are very similar to natural teeth but require a strong jaw with no bone loss. These dental implants replace missing teeth. Other dental implants are made for people with a smaller jaw or bone loss in the jaw. These dental implants require less bone grafting and can be a good implant option.

Other dental implants are for jaws with the extreme bone loss. They mimic natural teeth without requiring large jawbone beneath. A cosmetic dentist can help you determine which dental implants are right for you.