When wristwatches became popular after World War 1, the world never stopped producing wristwatches ever since. Even if the newest mobile technology is trying to erase watches in the history, people would still prefer to use one on a daily basis.

What makes the people keep on looking for wristwatches, especially a field watch? In this article, you will find the answer on why you and all of us, are still looking at our wrist for a time check?

usefulness of a wristwatch

Field watch is convenient to use

Have you heard someone saying, they no longer need a wristwatch, because a phone can give a specific time for them? I heard a lot, too, especially to young generations who are now engaged to the wonders of technologies.

However, a field watch is the most convenient gadget to use ever since the industry made them. Your phone won’t always be in your hand. Yes, it’s true that you can carry it with you all the time, but there are instances that you need to put your phone down, especially when you are with someone important. And, here comes the usefulness of a wristwatch you can glance at your watch without giving a bad impression to your colleague.

It’s functional

Field watch is the most conventional watch to use. Wristwatch functions differ in the complexity and simplicity of the manufacturer. There are watches which can only tell you time, but there are what they call, complication watches which can give you other essential features, like the stopwatch and so on. The most popular complication is the chronograph and the moon phase (displays lunar phase)

The best thing about a field watch is that it can give life for so many years before you change the battery. There are also watches that are self-powered; it means it can run through motion senses. Now, compare that your phone.

It displays simplicity

Watches don’t give you complications, like charging a battery all the time. It can run on its own; thanks to the ingenious clockwork. You can track your time any moment if you want to, without other distracting applications.

It signals a sophisticated style

Someone can appreciate a good-tailored suit, but everybody loves a sophisticated watch. Wristwatches are the most noticeable item in your wardrobe list. Old generations would say, wristwatches are expressions of yourselves. It can also tell your status in the society.

It embodies craftsmanship

Field watch and other wristwatches are the embodiment of a great craftsmanship. The complexity of the mechanical clockwork and the accuracy of its function is just an amazing technology. Your phone can never give that craftsmanship. It’s like an art on your wrist. It is the powerful machine ever invented.

A good example for that is the G shock military grade watch. It embodies engineering and aesthetics. You can enjoy the beauty it displays and at the same time, you can appreciate time with its accurate and precise clockwork.

best thing about a field watch

Tactical peak field watches

Even if you’re an ordinary man, you deserve to have an elegant wristwatch, all of us do actually. We need something that works anytime, anywhere and anyways. Something that will give us assurance even if it rains so hard.