Have you noticed some websites who have a little widget that shows you numbers? That’s a hit counter widget. Well, it’s not just a display but it has a purpose and it’s crucial. For the visitors, it may not affect them a lot, though there’s a psychological effect too. It can give them a hint that your web page is well visited and it makes them think that you’re not an amateur web owner. You will gain their trust because of the numbers they see.

Free internet counter websites

As for the owners, this means data for analysis.

Hit counters are widgets or applications placed either at the top of the web page or at the bottom of the page. Either way, it displays numbers. The numbers may indicate a countdown or number of visitors.
The importance of website hit counter plugins varies in two ways. On the side of the visitor, this means earning their trust. Visitors would think that your web page is relevant and credible because you have a lot of readers. On your side as the owner of the page, this means a higher rate for conversions. The number of visitors coming in every day, you can analyze the data and use it to your advantage.

But, adding hit counters mean writing HTML codes

This is true if you’re a coder. However, there is another way of adding this application to your web page. For instance, POWr can provide that service for you. They can offer their talent and skills in making apps just to provide you the best applications for your business.

If ever you want to code your own hit counter, here’s how to add hit counter to your website

You can use HTML templates provided by hit counter websites. They all have the designs you are looking for which you think fits your theme. To create your own hit counter, open your notepad with HTML document, browser and a page. To get the codes of the hit counter you can log-on to a free internet counter websites. They have all the designs that you think are fit for your theme. Once you have logged-in you can copy the codes and paste it into your HTML document. After pasting and saving your document, refresh your browser. From there, you can see the application already counting.

The process is easy if you have a coding experience

It’s very clear that adding your hit counter is just easy with HTML codes if you have coding experience. However, one disadvantage of is that the codes you copied from a free internet counter website are not reliable at all times. Why? It has a limited function.
But, if you are hiring a professional programmer, you can tell them to add a credible hit counter. You can also ask them to add additional data like what keywords are the visitors using before landing on your page. This method can surely give you the most reliable information.

The best applications for your business

POWr can power up your website through hit counter

Don’t complicate anything because of those codes you’ve never encountered before. Ask professionals who can do it for you because they know better. Put all your effort into analyzing the data and improve your contents to improve the number of visitors per day.