Rainy days and thunderstorms contribute to a roof’s vulnerability, and during rainy seasons or the snowy part of winter, we should make sure that our roofs are secure and water-ready. The roof is like the house’s backbone, it protects the house and everything underneath, so it’s important that we know that our roof is sturdy and sound.


How to Go About Your Roof RepairsAs the saying goes, prevention is better than cure, so before we experience the inconveniences a leaky roof brings, we should inspect ours before the actual downpour.

Although it’s not easy to detect leaks until it actually rains, we could check for water stains in our ceilings left by the previous rain, then pour water on the roof and gutters to know where the leak comes from.

If you find it difficult to locate the leak, you may ask somebody for help while you climb the roof with a garden hose, run the hose on different sides, and ask your helper to yell when dripping becomes visible. This may take an hour or so though, so be patient.


For smaller holes, a quick-drying roof sealant or cement should do the trick. Make sure that the surrounding area is clean and free of debris and/or leaves. Pieces of cloth can be pressed onto the holes or cracks so that the sealant would not stick to your hand. Leave the cloth on the sealant.

If the leak is caused by a missing or damaged shingle, use a 2 by 2 feet piece of galvanized sheet metal as a replacement. Make sure that the roof is dry before doing it, though.

What if it was too late and you had to fix your roof in an emergency? Try to locate the leak and opt for temporary solutions like placing a tarp or applying roofing cement or roof tape. These items can be found in home improvement stores.


Seek professional help if the damage is uncontrollable or if you think that it’s best handled by somebody more capable and experienced than yourself. Making a mistake with do-it-yourself roof repairs might prove to be more costly than hiring a specialist.

You could also avoid medical bills that may be caused by accidents when you try to climb your roof.

If you have time to shop around for a contractor, if you don’t already have a trusted one, do so. Ask them to give you a quote on the costs and ask for references. You may also ask for a business card so you can search them online.


The Best Roof Repair Services Near YouBefore any actual problem arises, we should proactively inspect our roofs for any signs of damage. This is to avoid potential additional expenses and bigger problems in the future. You may opt to fix a simple leak yourself, but leave the more complex ones to the professionals.

Get to know the contractors around your area so you are assured of problem-free and cost-effective work. If you’re looking for the best roofing contractors in Maui, check out Maui Roofing & Exterior now!

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