seoSearch Engine Optimization popularly called SEO, is a marketing approach that is focused on growing your online presence in an organic way on search engine results. It is also generally believed to be a process of maximizing the number of visitors you have by making sure that your website appears high on the results returned by a search engine. There are many education resources for search engine optimization such as blogs, forums and SEO Trance Training in Hyderabad.

To quite understand search engine optimization, you need to first realize that search engine optimizations requires both creative and technical skills to improve your traffic, ranking and your site awareness in search engines. Considering basic search engine optimization is fundamental and essential, as the will help position your website to be found at critical position that would aid your customer buying process or when people needs the information on your website.

How does search engine work? How can you build you website that would please both your customers/visitors, as well as search engines like Bing, Google, etc? More importantly, how can search engine optimization help grow your web presence and make your site more profitable?


Search engines generally wants to do their job of referring visitors/customers to contents and website that is relevant to what the user is looking for. So how do search engines generally determine relevance?

Search engines don’t just refer users to some website as soon as they search for a keyword, NO! It gives you the best surfing experience by directing you to the best and well structured content it can find. It is mostly determined by that the general theme that you use, the text on your page, your titles and descriptions. Researching your keywords, knowing how to use the keywords, freshness of article and direct answers are a good starting point for quality contents.

Site Architecture
Your site architecture is one of the most important tools in understanding search engine optimization, although this might be one of the tech areas of search engine optimization. However, here are few things everyone needs to know to improve your search engine ratings. A great site must be easy to navigate, fast page loading, safe connection and most importantly a mobile friendly design. It is quite important to first map out your site architecture even before you take the step of purchasing the domain; this process allows you think like a user and often leads to an amazing user experience.

Other important keys for an effective optimization are: keywords in URL, your site should be easy to crawl, the quality of links, anchor text, it must have high bounce rate. Commit yourself into getting started today. Start with doing basic keyword research; optimize your title tags, with your article keyword and adjust your article description.