knocked-out-toothMany people are not aware of the procedure you should employ if you accidentally get a tooth or teeth knocked out on the job. In such a case, it is crucial that you get to the correct location as soon as possible that can care for your issues appropriately. What this means is that you must assess if you need to go to the emergency room or the dentist because the emergency room cannot save a tooth that has been lost, and the dentist cannot save your life.

The first step if you have suffered a loss of a tooth or teeth is to make the decision which place that you should go to, due to the fact that if you are bleeding heavily and need some procedure that would be for the loss of blood, your dentist will not be appropriately equipped to help you. If you are bleeding any more than a slight amount, proceed to the closest emergency room immediately, and do not consider going to your local dentist’s office.

Time is critical in handling knocked out the tooth. The objective would be to be able to return the knocked out tooth to its socket just before the pulp tissues and nerves die down. Thus, the sooner the tooth is placed back in its socket, the higher the chances that it will re-implant and reattach itself. If the tooth can’t be placed back right away, you’ll be able to store it in milk or water, and then when possible go see a dentist in atascadero, CA. He will probably be able to aid you regarding the proper method to put your tooth back in its place. It’s also important to maintain the tooth clean just before putting it back to avoid unnecessary develop up of bacteria and germs. You’ll be able to do this by rinsing the tooth with water or milk just before putting it back.

missing-toothIf you have lost a tooth or teeth and are not bleeding heavily, nor have you suffered any severe cuts to the inside of your mouth or tongue, you can go to a dentist who may be able to re-implant the teeth and save them. It is always a good idea to ask your dentist if they can accept emergency cases, and what the hours are that they keep. This information should be kept on your person at all times, along with an address and phone number. Have someone call the office for you before going in person to make sure that they are open and can handle your case when you arrive. If they cannot, or they are closed, proceed to the emergency room.

If you have determined that you can go to the dentist’s office, make sure you keep the teeth that have been knocked out as stable as possible. This means that you should place them submerged into a non-acidic liquid like milk or water. If there is no liquid available, you can place them into a cup filled with enough saliva to cover the teeth, or even place them in your mouth until you get there. The idea is to have as little air as possible in contact with the root of the tooth, which will give the dentist a better potential to re-implant them successfully.

Very few cases of teeth getting knocked out are successful at re-implantation. However there is a possibility that they can be saved if you take the precautions and minimize the amount of time between the accident and the time your dentist can help you. By making a good decision on where to go, and preparing the damaged teeth and mouth areas as much as possible, you can potentially have a successful re-implant. If too much damage has been done, your dentist will stabilize the area and potentially provide a false tooth once the area has been corrected. If you need a recommendation for a local dentist please feel free to message us.