Wisdom Tooth Removal: Is It Really Necessary?

wisdom-teethThe most common myth that you get to hear regarding wisdom tooth is that they always need to come out. Medically, there never has been any sort of connection established between the wisdom teeth sprouting and intellect. There are many who live their whole lives but have never sprouted wisdom tooth. There is no perfect or fixed age in which one can remove the wisdom tooth.

There are many cases in which we see that wisdom tooth causes issues. Some of the major issues that the wisdom tooth cause and give birth to a question, is wisdom tooth removal really necessary?

In some cases the tooth does not erupt fully from the gums, in such cases the gums at the back get swollen and cause difficulty in chewing and in some cases result in excruciating pain in the jaws. In such cases many patients have been seen to develop cysts, which may damage the nearby teeth as well.

wisdom-teeth-impactThere is another case where the wisdom tooth is partially erupted, in such cases it open up a gateway for the bacteria and germs to enter the remaining teeth. Partial growth can also cause infections. The infections may get pus and turn into a major medical mess. Such conditions harm the other neighboring teeth quite badly.

In some instances it has been found that the teeth crowds the other teeth, there is no proper space at the back of the jaw and hence, the teeth becomes neglected. In such cases, the food particles remain in the teeth and causes it to rot. This may also affect other nearby teeth.

Is wisdom tooth removal really necessary?
Dentists advice that there is no need for a fully sprouted wisdom tooth, that does not even crowd the jaw line to be removed. The tooth should only be removed if it causing issue within the mouth like, developing pus, swelling, or resulting in infections. Though many dentists are of the opinion that the wisdom tooth should be removed at an early age. As the bones are still young and the jaw formation is occurring. It is also advisable to remove at a young age because the chances to recover from infection is much higher. The medicines that aid recovery do not harm the stomach when they are consumed by younger patients as much as they would have an effect. The good news is that wisdom teeth, once removed, do not need to replaced.